Bilateral Arterial Doppler

veinWe offer Bilateral Arterial Doppler service at Amherst Radiology, which is an ultrasound to check for Peripheral Vascular Disease. A Bilateral Arterial Doppler is usually performed when a previous exam suggest possible blockage in the arteries. It is usually performed on the legs. This procedure does not use an radiation. This concept is similar to taking blood pressure in the arm, however if there is low circulation in the legs it could mean serious problems. At Amherst radiology we take a lot of care in doing this procedure and getting the results to a doctor quickly so that if there is a concern corrective action can be taken as quickly as possible.

What It Determines

Using a Bilateral Arterial Doppler can help determine if there are any concerns about blood clotting in the patient. Here are some things that it can help detect.

  • Poor Circulation
  • Blood Clots
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol